Fujitsu/Sun Microsystems

Our principal, Joe Bosurgi, was able to bring the
needs of Fujitsu and Sun together by strategically
working through a series of complex negotiations.
Both companies were able to meet their goals and move
forward into a stronger, more mutually profitable

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Case Study:
Fujitsu / Sun Microsystems
Strategic Software and Business Transition

Goal (Fujitsu)
Move from a "make" solution to a "buy" solution and
transition a strategic product line in a rapidly
changing and consolidating enterprise IT market
without disturbing their customers' businesses.

Fujitsu's critical issue was how to redeploy
employees, resources, and technology without upsetting
existing relationships and customers.

Goal (Sun)
To increase to its full potential the energy and profitability of a complex competitor/partner relationship spanning hardware, software, and chips.

Sun's critical issue was how to achieve a deeper level
of trust and close cooperation without compromising
competitive advantages and intellectual property
rights and to achieve joint market expansion without
customer disruption.

Joe Bosurgi:
Developing an OEM business solution

The initial level of Sun's Solaris-based software
business with FJ was only a few $M/year when Sun first
proposed a Solaris-OEM initiative to Fujitsu.

Joe Bosurgi convinced Fujitsu at very senior levels to transition its strategic server line over from its own proprietary brand of UNIX to Sun's Solaris. Since large numbers of jobs could have been put at risk or disrupted, Joe worked with Fujitsu to form new strategies to profitably deploy Fujitsu's internal UNIX division in the shift to Solaris. In turn the deal depended on convincing Sun to change - its product plan, engineering process, and ways of doing OEM business.

Joe also negotiated the key contract that gave FJ what it needed, technically and business-wise, to succeed in their transition. He worked with Fujitsu's most senior executives, their negotiation team, their engineers, Sun's engineers and executives, and many other stakeholders.

He then followed through with members of Sun's team, including engineering, services, etc., to drive the go-to-market plan, ancillary engineering projects, and to make sure the bet paid off well for Fujitsu. Joe later helped to integrate Siemens' Solaris-based server business, which was acquired by merger, into Fujitsu's.

This has resulted in a stronger, thriving Solaris-based business, in Japan and world-wide, for both parties, and has culminated in the recent signing of a new multi-year contract guaranteeing very high levels of yearly revenue, a radical increase from initial levels of business.


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