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When you need help with international business issues,
we have a variety of products and services available
to help you, both strategic and tactical.

For International Market Entry and Expansion

Sales Plans
Get going with your international plan...from 90-day blitz plans to multi-year strategic sales plans...<top>

Distribution Channel Architecture
Own the all-important who, what, when and where (including non-traditional distribution schemes for emerging markets such as India, Eastern Europe, China, and Africa). .<top>

Channel Programs
Build a strong international channel and get superior results from your international channel partners... from SIs in Korea to ISPs in France, distributors in Malaysia, and OEMs in Scandinavia and Japan.<top>

Marketing Plans, Positioning, & Presentations
Understand where you really are outside of your home market and deliver the messages and programs that will get you where you need to be.<top>

Reports & Analysis
Answer your specific questions with information customized for your international business and market development needs...<top>

To Radically Grow Your International Revenues and
Strengthen Your International Partnerships

Negotiations Leading to High-Value International Deals
Highly complex contracts?
Japanese consensus-building processes?
Specialized sales/engineering teams?
Can't understand what your partner wants or why?
Our specialty is turning "impossible" deals with many players, mixed cooperation/competition, legal complexity, and potential for cultural misunderstanding into high-margin win/win's.<top>

Outsourced International Sales
Radically increase your international income without
adding employees by outsourcing the development and/or
execution of your international sales programs to us.<top>

Dynamic International Distribution Channels
Find, sign, performance-manage, motivate, and retain the right distributors, OEMs, SIs/VARs, and carriers/ISPs.
Grow joint revenues through creative, localized channel programs, MDF investments, joint marketing, and training/certification programs.<top>

Financial Modeling and Valuations
Profit from strategic, deal-enabling due diligence for businesses and intellectual property, balancing strategic interests, commitments, risk, and revenue to the benefit of all parties ,<top>

Training and Executive Coaching
Enhance both your and your partner's international sales effectiveness with customized programs ranging from large-scale sales trainings to high-level executive coaching for international success. <top>

If you have any questions or you don't see what you
need here, please email us for more information.

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